About Me

Hi and welcome… my name is Gregory Lach and I am the owner of GregsAgency.com.

I assume you are on this page because you’re looking for something… Maybe you have this strange feeling that there’s something important missing in your Life & in Your Business. Perhaps you want to increase your Net Profits, maybe consider building or upgrading your website, or starting an advertising campaign to acquire new customers. Whatever reason you have - I believe that’s not a coincidence that you’ve stumbled upon this site.

People often say that I am ambitious and enthusiastic with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and a high inner drive to succeed in life and business. I appreciate the possibility of continuous personal and professional development, I am happy to share my knowledge and skills with others.

My first business experience actually came from my family… my Mum once decided to grow Family Small Business in the Food niche (Gastronomy point of sale).. so for a few years during my High-School I was helping her with clients serving, and deliveries basically we were both involved in daily operations. Later on, I was working mostly for B2B companies (technology, medical, financial, SaaS, and industrial equipment), both domestically and internationally. Aso tried to gain experience working as a Manager for a big retail chain of stores… I even once set up and run my own Shopify E-commerce store for USA clients to gather first-hand experience.

One of my biggest challenges was moving abroad. I spent over 5 years in Dublin, Ireland. It was tough at moments but all in all, it was worth it... I learned a lot about Retail Sales management.. also my passion for Digital Marketing started there... as I attended classes at Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin and obtained Prof. Diploma in Digital Marketing, which was my first bigger step into the ‘Internet Marketing space. Later on, I was developing these skills even more working as an ‘Independent Digital Marketing & Business Development Consultant'.

Over the last 20 years, I have gathered a lot of interesting and unique skills in the areas of Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Growth Strategies, Business Development, as well as Sales & Marketing Management. All of that gives me an advantage that I use to help companies acquire more Customers.. to be more profitable.

I came to a point when I decided to create a Digital Marketing Agency where I can use my unique skills, knowledge & network of contacts to help Executives & Business Owners get more 'satisfied clients', expand 'brand awareness', and increase their 'market share' - all by using effective and innovative Marketing Strategies. I invited other experienced marketers from within US' market to join me in this project. Having a USA-based Fulfillment Center ensures consistent delivery of high-quality Digital Marketing Solutions to our clients. Together we form a world-class team of Specialists at Greg's Marketing Agency.

"We Deliver High-Quality Digital Marketing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs"

I believe that current Digital Transformation is a great opportunity for many businesses to develop new revenue streams & boost their net profits.. You just need to know how to 'position' your offer... by placing your products & services in front of the right leads... at the right time!

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